Seil & Co. Investment GmbH was founded by the business partners Maximilian Seil and Pierre Paul in 2012 and is now still an owner-managed company.
The transaction management company and consultancy mainly operates in the German real estate market. The clients of Seil & Co. Investment look for a consultant and partner that does not merely work as a property broker focusing on profit but instead provides ongoing and accompanying consulting services with a high level of expertise, as well as acting as a co-investor in individual projects.
In the 2019/2020 business year, Seil & Co. Investment managed a transaction and project volume of around 320,000,000 euros spread across residential and commercial projects throughout Germany.
The essence of the company can be found in its well-established network of investors and partners, who continuously benefit from the active advice provided by Seil & Co. Investment in matters concerning strategy and growth. Seil & Co. Investment supports these investors and partners as a reliable sparring partner. This group of investors is comprised of top-class real estate stakeholders from the fields of project development, privatisation, portfolios and trade.
Seil & Co. Investment offers a wide variety of consulting services for acquisition and sales, joint ventures, investment and asset management and the management of unusual project developments. It also offers strategic consulting mandates and project-related consulting services such as expert feasibility studies.


Seil & Co. Investment acquires multiple dwelling units, residential and commercial buildings, housing complexes, inner-city office buildings and plots of land for and with its clients. It first conducts in-depth examinations of these properties and then, after successful acquisition, develops them to increase their value as an asset manager on behalf of its clients. In individual cases, Seil & Co. Investment invests in projects together with its partner as a co-investor. Furthermore, Seil & Co. provides advice and support in shareholdings and property-related M&A transactions.

Multiple dwelling units and mixed-use properties
Rhine-Main region: 6 residential units or more | in need of restoration, maintained or restored | especially vacant or fully let properties | gross rent multiplier of up to 26.5
Düsseldorf/Cologne/Bonn region, Mannheim/Ludwigshafen region, Stuttgart region, Nuremberg region: from 20 to 4,000 units | towns/cities with populations of more than 100,000 / no locations with a declining population trend | especially vacant or fully let properties | gross rent multiplier of up to 25

Residential portfolios
From 50 to 10,000 residential units | all towns/cities with a population of more than 8,000 / no locations with a declining population trend

Plots of land:
In the Rhine-Main area: plot area of 1,000m2 to 25,000m2 | uses: residential, commercial, hotel, land earmarked for development
Nationwide:plot area of 3,000m2 to 150,000m2 | all towns/cities with a population of more than 50,000 / no locations with a declining population trend | uses: residential, mixed use, neighbourhood development, land earmarked for development | commercial plots only in pedestrian zones | specific search: we are looking for former factory and warehouse sites in inner-city areas for building land development

Joint ventures & shareholdings
Joint venture investments in portfolio transactions of 250 units or more | in project developments of 5,000m2 GFA or more
Shareholdings or acquisitions of housing companies, private real estate management companies, supermarket chains, trading enterprises, etc.
If you have properties that fit these criteria, we look forward to receiving your corresponding offers, preferably in advance via e-mail. Offers from estate agents and brokers are very welcome. Our articles of association allow us to pay standard commission rates. Please always send your offer to ankauf@seil-co.com.


Seil & Co. Investment boasts highly specialised expertise that enables it to professionally cover all essential investment and asset management services, as well as provide project consulting. In our work as a consultancy, we support our clients in their real estate acquisitions on a daily basis and help with the strategic process involved in establishing internal corporate structures. We manage real estate and portfolios in all asset classes and boast impressive achievements in both trophy projects in the centres of Germany’s top seven cities and opportunity portfolios in peripheral locations.
Consulting:We are consultants through and through. Since 2012, we have been developing both comprehensive and project-specific strategies for and with our clients. After the development phase, we work together with our clients to successfully implement these strategies. Seil & Co. not only advises investors on building their residential portfolios but also supports project developers in gaining access to corresponding construction projects, dealing with political factors and selecting the right broker or marketing agency. We aim to bring together our transactional expertise and holistic management approach in perfect harmony. Alongside our in-depth interdisciplinary knowledge of the German real estate market, we also offer many years of experience and our own investments in project development, property and management companies, as well as a leading German real estate brokerage firm. This combination of qualities enables us to offer our clients an unrivalled intensive insight into the world of real estate and thus provide them with highly specialised consulting services.

Investment/Asset management:
In all processes, Seil & Co. handles properties as if they were their own. If desired by our clients, we can therefore perform the role of owner of their property, which involves developing tailor-made strategies to manage real estate and portfolios attractively on a long-term basis and to secure and further increase revenue. When doing so, we implement our coordinated property strategies in a target-oriented manner, choose suitable service providers and manage their involvement. From transaction management (acquisition consulting or sales consulting) through to commercial and technical management and right through to rental management, we offer our clients a plan for the optimum handling of their real estate assets that is individually tailored to suit their requirements and help them to achieve economic success.

Project development:We have a passion for developing new real estate and achieving the sustainable construction of properties. Striving to meet the highest quality standards, we develop plans for and with our clients for the areas in which they need our services. This not only applies to new construction projects with attractive concepts but also to portfolio properties that are now outdated. For these older properties, we come up with a modern and fresh economic development concept, plan all necessary structural measures and implement them on request. Our services are available for properties in all asset classes, from individual residential properties through to neighbourhood developments and right through to commercial trophy projects. In individual cases, we are also able to offer our expertise and venture capital as a project partner. Feasibility studies and concept planning in the area of project development also form part of our day-to-day business activities.
#In short: co-investments • transactions (acquisition/sales) • asset management • project development • feasibility studies