03-2018An investment company purchases a residential and commercial complex in Frankfurt

The Rhine-Main region recently witnessed its second high-quality real estate deal within a short space of time: a few weeks ago, König & Cie. already invested in a large residential property in the city of Offenbach. The Hamburg-based company is now adding the acquisition of a residential and commercial building complex in the financial metropolis of Frankfurt.

The property in Frankfurt, which is located close to the new “Skyline Plaza” shopping centre, is currently being fully revitalised and will offer exclusive living in flats with areas of between 28m2 and 86m2 from 1st October 2013. The shop floor is let to one of Germany’s largest supermarket chains on a long-term basis. Some of the flats in the building have balconies at the rear, and the sizes of the flats and their excellent location allow the complex to boast optimal lettability.

The property offers a total living area of more than 1,250m2 and a commercial space of approx. 730m2. The purchase of the residential and commercial building was made by the investment company as a long-term investment for König & Cie.’s residential real estate fund “Wohnwerte Deutschland”. “Wohnwerte Deutschland” invests heavily in Germany’s strong metropolitan regions. It is currently focusing on the Rhine-Main region. “Wohnwerte Deutschland” is being established as a flexible and conservative residential real estate fund by König & Cie.

Its successful partnership with Seil & Co. Investment GmbH provides König & Cie. with direct market access. The owner-managed real estate brokerage firm Paul & Partner Real Estate acted as the broker for this property.