06-2019Seil & Co. Investment wins another exclusive mandate

The company Seil & Co. Investment from Wiesbaden, which specialises in providing consulting services to medium-sized real estate stakeholders, has won another comprehensive advisory mandate. The company has already been advising the newly established TM Property Group on building its property portfolio, developing corporate structures and coordinating suitable marketing processes for its first projects since May 2018. Within this framework, Seil & Co. has been granted comprehensive powers of authority for implementation and structured approaches within the different project phases.

After recently completing various cooperative projects in Wiesbaden, Frankfurt and Limburg, the TM Property Group has now initiated a real estate project in the Westend borough of Wiesbaden, in which it is developing a living area of around 1,300m2 in the form of an old building complex. The building currently contains around 19 units with a combination of 1, 2, 3 and 4-room flats. Plans are in place to sell the property after successful revitalisation. In addition, the company has already acquired another residential and commercial building containing 10 units in the street parallel to the famous Taunusstrasse in Wiesbaden. This property will also be completely refurbished and then sold.

Seil & Co. is currently examining further acquisitions for the TM Property Group in the form of multiple dwelling units and plots of land directly next to the “Zeil” shopping street in Frankfurt and in close proximity to the banks of the river Rhine in Mainz.

The cooperation aims to establish a corporate structure in the form of a holding in order to implement a comprehensive property portfolio of housing complexes on the one hand and to execute residential property projects for privatisation measures on the other.

Seil & Co. Investment currently advises two investment companies, two family offices and three real estate companies in the German property market on asset and investment management and the management of buying and selling processes.